I’m thirteen and I worry about my appearance and I have bad anxiety when it comes to being alone in public. Confusing I know. I hate walking around in school without a friend by my side. I always think people are judging me and pointing out all my flaws. Waking up is an intense struggle for me. I wanna die but I don’t want to be the one to take my life. I can’t cut anymore because I need something stronger. Smoking isn’t helpful either. Plus I can’t risk smelling like smoke and having my parents find out. I dont know how to become the girl people admire when she walks past in the halls and it’s killing me inside…

I think I have bipolar disorder but I have no way of going to the doctor about it. My parents don’t want me on medication for it, but I just want some kind of reassurance that this isn’t how I’m supposed to feel

I worry that I will have to much anxiety and not want to go to school

I’m worried that I’m putting to much pressure on my boyfriend about me being suicidle, depressed, and having anxiety. he says it’s fine but I’m scared he’s becoming annoyed or doesn’t wanna hear about it. I feel so bad

I want to cut again but I don’t want to get caught. I feel depressed in school. I rather get hit by a train than be at school.

My friend s are being jerks there is this game and every one plays it I’m bad and they bass popularity on that can any buddy help?

*I feel like I’m trapped inside a box. A box with no emotion. I feel no emotion and it makes me worry that I’ll just completely zone out and no one will be able to wake me up. I try to beat down the walls of this stupid box but me and my words just sit there inclosed with barley enough oxygen to breath. I feel nothing and then all of a sudden ill just sit there and bawl my eyes out FOR NO APPARENT REASON. People are just like “get over yourself and stop crying” and I feel, and oh hell do I feel like yelling back with all this anger “don’t you think if I could I would?!” They just don’t understand. But then I go back to this no emotion me and try not to think as much yet that pretty much always makes it worse. *

Is anyone else scared of oppening up there blinds because of the fear of a murdrer being there

I’m scared to go to school braeause I’m scared what people are going to think or say about me

If people say what goes through my head on a daily basis they would ask themselves how are you still breathing.

My friends has other friends who she hangs out with and I’m worried they all make fun of me when she hangs out with them

I think I’m gay/lesbian.. and I’m really worried that my family might judge me.. and I’ve really tried to figure this out! and I can’t seem to.. ugh

I don’t know if I want to live with my mom or dad

I’m worried about dying. It scares me to know that one day we’re all going to be gone, and I’m just so scared.

I’m worried that my parents will find out that they are the reason I’m depressed, that I cut; and how truly terrified I am of myself.

I want to tell my mom im a lesbian but she is homophobic

i think i was abused but i dont want to tell anyone

I’m scared that when i meet my moms new boyfriend, he’s going to be a jerk. Her previous boyfriend didn’t believe that lgbt people should have rights and that mentally ill people should just get over themselves. I can’t go through that again.

I don’t know if what my dad does is emotional abuse. He yells at me, he curses at me, he blames me for things I didn’t do, and it’s usually because he’s “stressed”. Like, man, I get stressed too but I don’t go around punching walls, breaking tvs, and making my kids cry. Then the other side of him comes out where hes cuddly and lovey and says sorry and that he’s an idiot. And then part of me forgives him and I hate it, and I hate thinking that maybe that is emotional abuse because I love him still. I don’t know.

I’m at a loss… I have no friends they are gone!! And I am afraid of school! I am on the edge if life!! I don’t wanna die! But I don’t wanna live, I need help! Somebody help me