So, right now all the few friends,or should I even call them friends,I have left are hanging out together, having a great time, they don’t know that I know this. They say we’re friends, but they never treat me like one, the never invite me to hang out with them they never text me, and the never include me in any conversations. like really what kind of best friends are they? They know my other friend group dumped me, so why so rude. I have social problems I can never ask people to hang out or anything, and I don’t know why. The one time I got the nerves to ask them to come over they made excuses to say no. That completely crushed me. I wish I had a real friend, I had one and then I moved away from her. And I also really need to talk to someone, they would be the perfect people but nope, I really need to tell someone about my problems like I really think I have ADHD or something like that but I have no one to talk to and also I am really in love with this guy, like rrrreeeaaallllllllyyyyyy in love with him, but once again, no one to talk to. I have no clue what is wrong with me, I am pretty, athletic, and kinda smart but nobody likes me and I just want to lock my self up and hide forever. And one more thing if you are reading this and think you might be doing this to someone, then stop it, do those hundreds of thousands of people a favour and be their friend. Please.