Pain It demands to be felt But sometimes it’s felt too strongly There comes a time when the pain becomes unbearable It begins to eat you alive It’s like a monster inside you The worst part is you can’t escape it It’s inside your head It’s in your mind It’s everywhere You try to run from it Only in the devastating realization that there’s no escaping this internal, mental pain You see this pain is more than just a scrap or a bruise from the playground This pain is in your heart Its in your mind It’s everywhere The scars on your wrists remind you of how you tried to release that pain How you ached for some sort of feeling Some sort of relief from this gut wrenching Unbearable Brutal pain. Until one day You’re gone They’ve lost you That girl who they once knew That happy little girl that they once knew is no longer there She is dead She is now just a walking corps of the human she was See that’s the thing about pain It destroys you -B. Ingram