This is for every one who Self harms If you use blades fill a container up with water and put your blades inside then please freeze it but if you can flush yor blades because you deserve better if you freeze your blades then next time you will have to wait until they unfreeze and while you wait just think about this you are amazing and perfect even if some people in the world can’t see that Sucidal Please don’t kill yourselves not today,not tomorrow, not in three weeks You where put on this planet for a reason and you can find someone to talk to Eating Disorder Please don’t ever worry about your weight Your still pretty/handsome I know sometimes it can be hard but just ignore the haters and find some one who cares not about your weight but about what is inside Depression I know it can be hard and you feel like you will never be happy again but you will please only use safe ways to be happy like talking or listening to music take a break and focus on how epic you are