So I realized high school tougher then I thought the friends I had in grade 6 now in grade 10 all turned there back rumours lied to back talk making fun I have no one to depend on anymore only my family I want like someone to be around in school not sit in the corner by myself and no even says good morning or hello I always think it because of my problems ADHD autism assburger OCD picking disorder anxiety disorder I always blame it on them I just feel like no one there and according to my parents I’m always in a ready to fight mood not actually fight like talk back I don’t know what to,do does anyone else find high school hard I never did weed or smoked no drugs nothing like that I have to take prescriptions suscibed by my doctor everyday and when I graduate I’m still not gonna be old enough to drink but everyone gets wasted on grad I just really want to know if people are feeling the same way and I’ve liked this guy in my class 2 of them if one has a girlfriend I wouldn’t mind the other but every boy is either basketball skidoo bmx trikes all that aparaently me and my friend or was I don’t know she won’t really tell me that we are the only girls who havent had sex why would you want that if you loved that person a lot sure it’s like if my friend is around the class she a b_ _ _ _ but when were with the all the girls in volleyball she so nice I don’t know would like to know if people are experiencing this to