I should start of my saying I am 16 year old girl with boyfriend troubles and I need help and guidness. Ok, so my boyfriend is transsexual, therefore, he wants to be a girl, but still likes girls. We’ve been dating almost a year now. Though, I found out a month ago he has been talking to this guy pretending to be a girl. I was incomfotbale about it, but I understood, and asked him to stop. But after a month I found oute was still doing it. Flirting and Turing this guy on. He sad also sent fake pictures of a girl to pass off as himself. I asked him; Q1: “why did you break your promise?” Ans.: “I forgot” This isn’t uncommon for him because he doesn’t have the best memory and I ud rest and that but if it comes to a point he’s moemeoey affect our relationship, I have every right to be mad, right? Q2: “Why did you cheat on me?” AMS.: “Cheating? I never considered it like that. I wasn’t being myself, it was a ‘Costume’.” This is considered cheating! Plus this is who he wants to be on the inside, a girl! So it is him! Q3: “Why a guy?” Ans.: “Thought it would hurt you less.” I asked this to see why a guy, though cheating is cheating, I just thought he liked girls. He keeps saying he does not like him, but I don’t know. And plus, he technically admitted he cheated! Q4: “Why did you make the conversation sexual?” Ans.: “So I can be a tease like you. I can never tease you because you have better control than me., so I decided to get pay back this way.” First off I should say, my boyfriend has issues with controlling he’s sexual desires, so he ends up trying to do stuff to me without ‘trying’. And I do tease him playfully, but the way he said it, it was cruel in my opinion. Ok before I say the finally Question I asked I should explain that he has “accidently” started dating this guy. Q5: “Why did you start dating him yesterday?” Ans.: “Because I felt bad for the guy, plus it was an accident. I said something with ‘your girl’ in it and he thought I agreed to go out with him.” Funny how he cares more about what the guy feels instead of me. He always does that, he cares more about he’s image and what he’s friend think than my own feelings sometimes. That just such a stupid excuse anyway. See my true problem is I love him too much to let him go, but I’m not into girls. Plus, my biggest fear is that one day, matter having a family, I’ll wake up with him gone. Him Running off with a man and leaving me. That’s if we actually last that long of course. But you see my point. I need help..