Okay , so I’ve always been a little chubby I know that but recently with the stress of school and trying to moniter my every move so that I’ll fit in with the people I like, the pressure is getting to me and I turn to one thing that makes it Better , food. Yea I know this sounds extremely pathetic but it’s like a drug and I can’t break free. My desire to be thin and to be fit is very strong but by need to indulge in little pieces of happiness gets to me every time. It starts out with stress and then I turn to the food which then Inturn makes me happy for a short period of time, but after I feel so gross and I know it’s not helping my problem and it’s making it worse and then I spiral down into a pit of worrys and horror. So as usually when I’m faced with these situation I indulge. This probably sounds crazy but it’s a vicious cycle that is impossible to get out of. I need to stop for my physical health and my mental health cause it’s affecting my brain so much to the point I don’t wanna leave my house with out wanting to just wear a garbage bag. But I can’t and I need help. This is an eating dissorder. No it’s not the way you would usually think of an eating disorder to be , but it is and I know I need help but I don’t know where to start.