I worry, that all of us who have worries, big and small will never relize how we are helping each other by admitting our worries. I just read ALL of the worries, and it helped me. Now I truely relize that when people say that they have worries too, they really do. Everyone of us does, and those who appear not to, do. they are just so worried that what they fear, what they worry about is not a normal thing to fear or worry or people will judge them because of it. I have gond through a lot. And I know for a fact everyone else has to! We are not all worrieing about the same thing but some of us are. Everyone’s situation is different. But some are similar, and I truly think that if we can look at the worry jar, as a place where we everyone putting out their worries and saying they can’t deal with it. Well they don’t say the first step to fixing a situation is saying there is one for nothing! I worry we don’t all relize this. I didn’t.