I hate my anxiety. I refuse to take my meications because they make me feel like a zombie and thats not who I wannt to be. A dra is my medicine.. it helps me do my daily activities not completly anxiety – less but I feel myself . I worry that my anxiety will never go away I strugle every morning to get up and I always wake up crying for no reason. If I have a dra im able to pull myself together, I dont like to be dependent on it but its what helps me best and I worry that ill never be able to just wake up with a smile for once and go on about my day without it. I dont ever crave for it but when im depressed or anxious I cant calm down without it and im so easy to trigger into being anxious or depressed because my mind is always so jumble with memories and I take everything to heart. Its so hard to juggle everything in my life. Eveyday is another obtscle to set me back a step