My story of hope and recovery is … Everyday was tears and worries. Everyday was waking up in the morning and throwing up looking for my next fix. Everyday was fighting with people I love and wondering where I am going to move to next. My mind was chaotic and crazy and I thought my life was going to stay the same forever. Although I enjoyed the parties and being on the go all the time, my mental and physical state couldn’t handle it any longer. I was in a lot of fear but decided I needed to step out of my comfort zone. Crossing the bridge from one life to another was one of the scariest things, leaving my home, family, friends behind…the drugs the parties wasn’t something I was used to. I came to rehab not expecting to stay very long but two months and three days later I have never been more happy to say that I am clean and sober. I don’t get sick anymore, I’ve been gaining weight that I had lost, I got out of my shitty environment. I got my family back and I am on my way to graduating high school and applying for post-secondary. I have never pictured my life to be like this or to be able to make the change I did. Having HOPE saved my life, I’ve accomplished a lot with my new skills and changed my whole perspective and now because of that I am looking at my hopes for when I get out of treatment and continue to improve my life.